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Albejorn Creations
Panelist / Volunteer
Seattle, WA
At ANW, I'll be doing a mini photoshoot Saturday morning, and talking through the process that I've worked out over the last 30 years. You can check this last year of furry photography: http://www.albejorn.com/photos/

I've been a furry for 25 years, but went into the closet for 20 years as I raised a family. In 2017 I jumped back in with both feet, made my first suit, and brought my passion for photography. I work in a AAA game studio as a Sr. Data & Applied Scientist with decades of programming experience, and a lifetime of learning Mindfulness. Toss in being bi-gendered and bi-species (therian), and I'm still working on making sense of this whirlwind of a life!
I'm happy to chat about any of the above, and I love meeting new people and hearing your stories! But be warned I'm face blind, and it has taken me *years* to learn some names.